Mulberry Gains Major Laundry App Client

Mulberry helps promoting Washare app

Washare Selects Mulberry Marketing

LONDON – The ambition of London-based technology developers, Washare, is to solve the perennial problem for time-poor professionals of getting their laundry done conveniently at a highly-competitive price. Selecting Mulberry to come on board at an early stage will see the agency create the Direct Response launch campaign for the company’s innovative Washare app.   

Mulberry will create the company’s key communications resources, including a thirty second TV commercial, press ads, leaflets, online banner ads and website copy as the campaign seeks to quickly sign up the requisite number of participants to carry out the home-based laundry service. Emphasising the mutual money-making/money-saving benefits on each side of this exciting laundry transaction is expected to help drive the take-up of what should become an essential service for the app’s target audience. 

Matthew Howells, Mulberry’s European Director, comments: “Mulberry are extremely pleased to work with technology developers Washare in promoting awareness of their innovative laundry app from the ground up. In providing key elements of our creative expertise – including moving image, copy and a range of advertising solutions – we seek to raise the profile of this app as an excellent solution for service providers and consumers across the country.”   

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