Helping Radisson Hotel Group Become Global Hospitality Leaders


As part of its five-year operating plan, Radisson Hotel Group aims to become one of the top three hotel groups in the world. The group wants to be the first name people think of in the world of hotels – an ambitious task that sees it needing to first build its profile among owners and investors (key figures in helping the group to develop and open new properties around the world). This means communicating to this target audience everything that the group does to establish itself as a global hospitality leader.


To drive growth among Radisson Hotel Group’s key audiences, Mulberry emphasized the need for high-quality print and digital content.
To deliver this, Mulberry created and developed a range of materials across various channels – from executive interviews to place in renowned industry publications to social calendars designed to showcase the milestones in Radisson Hotel Group’s mission.
This process saw Mulberry become an integral part of the Radisson Hotel Group Corporate Communications & PR department, acting as a trusted advisor and consultant on all things content-related.


Through its diverse ongoing work, Mulberry has helped Radisson Hotel Group put a human face on the hospitality industry – not only sharing success stories from the group but helping to gain exposure for departments looking to create relationships with owners and investors.
Mulberry has also driven rapid growth in social engagement for the group – most notably on its LinkedIn channel, which has seen:
An increase of 112,414 followers (a 65% increase from 172,255) in the past 12 months
Growth in organic engagement from a low of 2.05% to a peak of 3.02%
An average of 12,000 clicks and 9,000 reactions each month