Tackling Resource Waste and Gender Equality

One of our many successes includes an award-winning recycling campaign for Rubbermaid Commercial Products. Mulberry suggested the Love Recycling Campaign to ensure understanding of the reality of commercial recycling in Europe. It is designed to target and drive the messaging for a company with a defined focus on long-lasting products. Multi-stream recycling improves the volume to be recycled through waste collection, to create outstanding business savings and sustainability.

We can also point to similarly award-winning executive profiling for Dr Ilham Kadri, who as President of Diversey – the global cleaning, healthcare and infection prevention provider – became defined as the Queen of Clean. Dr Kadri’s mission to raise the status of women through the route of education reflects her own struggles and hard-won success. Together we succeeded in achieving new found respect for cleaners by creating astute assets, along with supporting mentorship programmes. We also designed and published a book to ensure their voices were heard. Overall it created a successful start to what remains a key gender issue, and in creating broader recognition of what has always been one of the key jobs in societies the world over.

The campaign has been underpinned by stressing the need for gender equality at work and the benefits it brings to cleaning companies, through the Hygieia Network – the charity of industry voice ISSA. Its mission, to accelerate the careers of women in the cleaning industry and achieve their full potential.