Mulberry Releases COVID White Paper

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CHICAGO (June x, 2020) – Mulberry today released its free white paper, “Communicating with Customers Post-Coronavirus,” which takes a closer look at the shift from leaning for appearance to cleaning for health in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The white paper offers best practices for marketing professionals employed by cleaning product and equipment manufacturers, distributors and building service contractors (BSCs).

“As cleaning’s role in infection prevention comes to the forefront, the industry is now facing new expectations around product performance, supply chain management and more,” said Matt Serra, CEO, Mulberry. “We developed this free white paper to highlight how organizations can better nurture relationships with customers and prospects moving forward.”

The free white paper details how a new standard of cleanliness has emerged as a result of the pandemic. It also highlights new messaging that manufacturers, distributors and BSCs will need to communicate. Lastly, it takes a closer look at various marketing tactics that will help these organizations promote their products and services.

“Mulberry has had a foothold in the professional cleaning industry for nearly 25 years, so we are thrilled to share our insights on how businesses can better position themselves in light of the pandemic,” added Serra.

To access the free white paper, visit LINK.

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