Heinz wants fair squeeze of the sauce sachet


Heinz Foodservice had developed a new single-serve sauce product for the foodservice market that contained double the amount of sauce than other sachets on the market. The new product ‘SqueezMe!’ also looked completely different to the other single serve packets on the market meaning that Heinz had the added challenge of getting venues to swap to an entirely new product.



To build positive brand awareness and establish Heinz Ketchup and Sauces as a clear market choice for condiments in the foodservice industry within all target media, Mulberry developed a media relations campaign which pitched the news to relevant industry media.

After research found that Australian consumers are unsatisfied with the amount of sauce they are given in a traditional sachet, with 46 percent using two sauce sachets on their meals, Mulberry developed a press release that spoke to both the convenience and efficiency of the new product.


In the six month campaign period, Heinz Foodservice’s SqueezMe! Was featured seven times across industry media in news articles generated from press releases and product features. This coverage has been viewed by over 106,386 Australians and has generated $53,055 in equivalent advertising value.
The press release was widely covered in industry media in print and online and the new product appeared in Hospitality Magazine, foodService Magazine, Restaurant and Catering Magazine, Food Mag and pub industry mag appropriately named ‘Sauce’.