Creating Impactful Films that Catch the Full Flavour of Travelport Events


Travelport is a UK-headquartered travel technology company that supply the software that booking agents use all over the world. Their software allows the user to book all parts of the travellers’ journey, from flights to hotels to car rental, or even airport parking. This could be for either corporate, or travelling for pleasure. Travelport operate a B2B4C (business-to-business-for-customer) system, where the software they create has the traveller in mind, not just the person using the software. Travelport’s platform processed over $89 billion of travel spend in 2018.

Every year, the company present a series of events called Travelport Live. Over the two-day duration of the events the discussions explore the latest trends in the travel industry, bringing in experts from related industries, and establishing how it might affect travel in the future.

Mulberry’s task was to summarise the Travelport Live 2018 Event, capturing speakers on stage - as well as in interview footage - before editing this down to provide the best hard-hitting sound bites for the video. It was also imperative to catch as many attendees on camera as possible; gaining important insights from both sides of the industry into why travel – which is a $9 trillion industry - is such an exciting sector to be in right now.



One of the key things that set this event apart from the many other filming assignments that Mulberry routinely undertakes across the world, is the overnight edit – with the pressure really on to supply the two-minute film to the client the next morning.
Mulberry recorded the whole event with a camera setup at the rear of the room. We also had several cameras that provided a floating element, moving around the room to capture the important audience reactions and alternative angles. The breaks in the event program provided the opportunity to capture the attendees speaking to the camera, or any demos and break-out sessions. At the end of the day, we collated all the footage together and proceeded with the overnight edit. Watching and collating the many hours of on-stage talks, interviews, and additional footage overnight means there is only enough time for a quick review in the morning with the Travelport team, so it is crucial to get it right.


The overnight edit produced great audience reactions and the immediate postings to Travelport’s social media channels gained a substantial amount of traction. Attendees always feel good for seeing their share of screen time, as well as being able to access a recap of the first day. In particular, it sets the up high energy mood for the upcoming day, while increasing engagement with the brand, the software’s reach and Travelport’s position of thought leadership in the industry.