Mulberry crafts videos which do not only promote, inform and educate – but engages with your audience, and creates a strong, personal connection between the viewer and your brand.

LiuGong E&H-Series Launch Event

Mulberry was asked by LiuGong to help plan an event to launch its new range of E&H Series Machines.

We were there to film the event from the ground and the air to capture the excitement and atmosphere surrounding the occasion.

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Dressta - Engineered for you

Using only images Mulberry was tasked to create an exciting and engaging video to be shown as part of Dressta’s booth at Bauma, the leading trade fair for construction machinery.

The final video uses music with a driving beat and mixture of carefully crafted effects and graphics to create something that catches the eye.

Designplan – Quadretro 90 second challenge

Mulberry were set a challenge by Designplan: to promote their new retro–fit product whilst creating something entertaining and engaging.

What we produced was a short, fun video that highlighted the speed with which Designplan’s customers could gain benefits from the new product – ‘The 90 Second Challenge’.



Mulberry have the experience to create compelling visual content in all languages, and with effectively localised content. This means you can always connect with your audience, wherever in the world they are.

LiuGong - What you need. Where you are.

Mulberry were asked by LiuGong to find an exciting, graphical way to showcase their global reach.

The final video uses motion graphics and videos of LiuGong machines from around the world to show that they really do have a machine to suit every environment.

Rubbermaid – Brute Videos

Following the production of a video promoting their product, ‘Brute’ to a US audience, Rubbermaid asked Mulberry to accurately translate and produce graphics to localise the video for different markets within EMEA.
Mulberry produced localised versions of the video for the UK, France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands

Other video work


Our video is used at events, for case studies, for training and education, for promotion, for engagement and for internal communications. Click here to see more examples of our work.