Washare Campaign Puts a New Spin on Laundry with a 24-7 Local Service


Washare is a London-based company founded by entrepreneurs from the Middle-East who position themselves as agents of social change at the forefront of the shared economy revolution. The company’s ambition is to create – ‘the Uber of Washing’ – whereby a home-based army of entrepreneurs provide an essential local laundry service at a highly competitive price that is almost half the cost of traditional laundries.

Wahare is delivering an innovation based on a familiar and underused asset. Many people have a washing machine, spare time and a need for more money. While there are many others who have no washing machine and no time, but plenty of spare cash. Washare contend that by simply undertaking some extra loads of washing each day, their laundry entrepreneurs can target earnings of over £1,000 every month working from home. Bringing these two groups together to enable each to benefit the other was at the core of the challenge. It also provided a unique aspect, in that Mulberry was required to deliver a campaign for both the service providers and the service users simultaneously.


Key to the messaging is the eternal question – how can I earn some extra money? Signing up participants to provide the laundry service was the first strategic priority. This target group were ascribed as Cashares and Mulberry was detailed with developing the Cashare app to put them in touch with potential customers. With the app Cashares have the freedom to choose when they want to work and to do as many loads of washing as they want, as well as enjoying the flexibility and privilege of being their own boss. There is the option of making even more money by doing the ironing for customers, with payment made automatically for all the laundry they wash.

Conversely, anyone who wants to get quality laundry at a highly competitive price can benefit from Washare. Messaging targeting both sides of the transaction stressed the common themes of innovation, simplicity of operation, and the huge mutual benefits available. The Washare service is available on the doorstep and cuts out the chore of travelling to the nearest traditional laundry. Service users simply download the app and enter the details of their laundry. They connect with the local Cashares waiting to wash and iron their clothes, while collection and delivery can also be arranged. The Washare laundry service offers universal availability 24/7. Whether users are at home or travelling, the service means they can always find somebody available to do their laundry and payment is equally convenient by credit card.


In support of their ambitions, Washare instigated Mulberry to undertake a multi-million pound digital and print campaign. Mulberry provided a broad range of conceptual and strategic expertise while creating all of the components and assets involved. This was headed by a National Sky TV advert, backed by print ads, extensive leaflet drops, and also included the launch of the new Cashare app and the development of the supporting Washare website.

This activity was set alongside a broad social media campaign designed to raise awareness and ensure the sign-up of the 18,000 Cashares required to initially operate the service. It was essential to success that Cashares enjoy full support every step of the way and this was achieved by offering them a clear cost breakdown, top equipment tips, ‘How to’ videos, and access to a 24/7 knowledge data base.