On Set Strategies for Video Success

Filming corporate video content

What to Know about Filming Corporate Video Content

Creating engaging corporate videos for your B2B brand can seem overwhelming. You have to fit all your messaging into increasingly slim time constraints while staying on budget and on time. In part one of this blog series, I addressed how you can plan for a day of filming to take some of the stress out of the process. In this installment, I take a closer look at strategies you can follow once you are in the director’s chair. I’ve also outlined a few creative corporate videos to inspire you and your team.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Consider the following best practices to make your B2B video shoot a breeze:

Take time to set up lighting.

Lighting can make or break the appearance of your footage. You can’t go too bright, but it also can’t be too dim. Finding the right balance is key. To do so, set aside ample time to place your equipment around the room. Then, make adjustments once you have your subject in place. To eliminate sharp shadows, it’s important to diffuse the light. There are various materials and pieces of equipment you can use to diffuse the light. These include softbox lights, scrims and umbrellas. Double check to make sure the lighting is above or to the sides of your subject, not coming up from below.

Make your on-screen stars feel at ease.

When creating video content, there’s nothing worse than the person on camera being uncomfortable with the process. It can show in the way they speak and their body language. Help your on-screen talent loosen up by reiterating that they don’t have to be perfect. The important thing is for them to sound natural and to have fun. If they have the right attitude, they’re more likely to get into a groove while on camera rather than freeze up. Many people are uncomfortable with the fact that the video editor will be hearing all the mistakes they make. I like to emphasize that the only person who will ever see any of the unused footage is the video editor. Flubs don’t make it into the final cut, as we always aim to make everyone look and sound their best.

Shoot several takes of the same scene.

While it may seem repetitive and tiring, you should always shoot several takes just to be safe. Your video editor will be happy that they have multiple shots to choose from. Capturing extra shots also helps you to avoid the dreaded reshoot. Reshoots are not only time consuming and further delay the development of your video. They can also be extremely costly.

Videos to Inspire your Marketing

Are you looking for some inspiration before getting started on your video project? Consider the examples below that effectively combine striking visuals, creativity and on-brand messaging.

Bamboo HR

This company dispelled the myth that working for a startup translates to 80-hour work weeks and no time for a personal life. It does so by showcasing numerous employees and how they like to spend their time outside of work, driving home the message that taking time for yourself and your family, and learning new skills in your personal life leads to professional growth. It’s refreshing to see a company focus not only on the fact that they have a fun and supportive team, but that they do amazing things outside of the workplace.

Schneider Electric

In just over one minute, this video seamlessly combines a bit of animation, an interview with an executive and B-roll footage to promote corporate sustainability. The video also includes a call-to-action at the end, encouraging viewers to download Schneider Electric’s “Sustainability is Business” report.


If you’re interested in learning how humor can fit into a B2B video, take a look at this case study video from Slack. While it clocks in at over two minutes, the comedic storyline holds your interest and demonstrates the main features and benefits of Slack’s platform. You connect with the interviewees and walk away with a better understanding of how Slack can help your business.

Press Play on Videography Success

During your video shoot, there are several tips you can follow to make your team’s job easier. For instance, taking the time to properly set up lighting will make your video visually appealing. Meanwhile, shooting several takes oftentimes saves you from having to schedule and conduct a reshoot.

Press play on corporate video success. If your brand is interested in creating engaging video content, connect with Mulberry. We’ve produced animated videos, product use and troubleshooting tutorials, customer success stories and internal communications video updates for B2B and non-profit organizations.


Jess Messenger is an Account Director at Mulberry Marketing Communications, an award-winning full-service B2B communications agency based in Chicago, London and Australia. She enjoys developing PR campaign strategies and writing for B2B audiences across numerous verticals such as retail, foodservice and healthcare.