Heroes Without Capes


Diversey, a provider of cleaning and hygiene solutions, was looking to expand its team of service specialists who are responsible for keeping facilities’ chemical dispensing, dishwashing and laundry equipment functioning. Diversey wanted to position this role as an outstanding career opportunity and an essential one for protecting children, teachers, doctors, patients, restaurant guests, workers and numerous others. ​​



Mulberry developed an organic and paid social media campaign that centered around a “Heroes Without Capes” theme. This theme highlighted the important role that service specialists play in safeguarding society by providing hygiene solutions and necessary repairs to cleaning equipment.

Mulberry interviewed service specialists from around the country to get their feedback about the importance of maintaining clean environments and why they enjoy working for Diversey. Mulberry also produced a video featuring a ride-along with a service specialist as he visited customers. Photos of the employees, the video and quotes were shared in organic and paid posts on Diversey’s social media channels over the course of 12 weeks.


Diversey was able to vastly expand the reach of its recruiting efforts in 20 U.S. markets. ​

The paid and organic posts resulted in a 4X increase in job applications during the three-month campaign period.​

Additionally, the paid ads achieved:​

• Over 2 million views
• More than 951,000 people reached
• Nearly 21,000 hiring link clicks​

The “Heroes Without Capes” theme created prestige for the service specialist positions, drove interest in Diversey as a company and humanized the brand, and created a lot of positive internal buzz with employees.