Excel Dryer Appoints Mulberry MC

LONDON – Excel Dryer, manufacturers of super-fast, highly-efficient and economical hand drying solutions, has selected Mulberry Marketing Communications to design, build and execute a multi-channel campaign promoting their new XLERATORsync hand dryer.

With hand dryer technology from the 1950s still in general circulation, Excel Dryer is an innovative leader within washroom technology. Previous successes such as XLERATOReco saw the company partner with rocket scientists to create a revolutionary, and ultimately, award-winning hand dryer.

Partnering with facilities such as stadiums, universities, hotels and transport hubs, Excel Dryer have proved themselves an essential component in delivering hygiene and sustainability at scale through the elimination of paper towel alternatives.

Matthew Howells, European Director of Mulberry Marketing Communications said, “Alongside the general trend for commercial sustainability, businesses are looking to reassure customers, staff and visitors that their hygiene safety has been well accounted for.”

“Excel Dryer’s history of innovation and focus on sustainably improving hygiene makes them an appealing partner for any facility. The XCELERATORsync hand dryer will provide a more personal washroom experience that exceeds customer expectations and reaffirms a facility’s commitment to health, safety and sustainability.”

“We’re excited to be working with Excel Dryer and look forward to a successful campaign online and around the UK.”


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