How to Enhance Your SEO Strategy with Moz Pro Tools

Enhance your SEO strategy with Moz pro tools

Improving Your Rank

Search engine optimization is improving your search engine ranking to increase visibility for keyword search. It’s a fundamental part of digital marketing, especially as the pandemic caused search behaviors to shift. The higher the ranking, the better impact on your ROI and bottom line.

Optimizing your rank is multifaceted. You must consider keywords, link authority and on-page optimization that will help increase your rank.

SEO is more important than ever. It can be time-consuming for those who are not well-versed in the subject. Using SEO software and tools like Moz Pro simplifies inbound marketing, link building and content marketing.

Search Engine Optimization Made Easy

Moz Pro allows users to access helpful tools to ease the SEO process:

SEO Audits & Crawls

Moz can crawl your site quickly. If you’ve read our previous blog, you’ll remember that crawling is when search engines discover your page and add it to the index. Similarly, Moz can audit your website and keeps track of new and recurring issues. The issues are broken down into issues categories and organized through colorful charts.

Each week, Moz automatically crawls your website and flags new or critical issues. It explains the issue, the impact on SEO and guides you on how to fix it.

Keyword research

The SEO keyword research tool, Keyword Explorer, provides over 500 million traffic-driving keywords. To discover and prioritize the best keywords to target, enter a URL or keyword into the search bar within your Moz Pro account. From there, you’ll receive a comprehensive keyword analysis and additional suggestions for higher impact.

The keyword explorer provides 500 million suggested keywords, 180 million fresh ranking keywords and 170 Google search engines. It also allows you to analyze keywords by search volume with a 95% accuracy rate. This tool provides a keyword difficulty score, which communicates the ranking difficulty on search engine results pages (SERPS). More features include keyword suggestions and rankings by country to integrate into a global SEO strategy, and keyword ranking analyses against your competitors.

On-page optimization

This feature provides easy-to-follow guidance to optimise page content. Moz delivers a prioritized list of recommendations when you enter your desired keyword and page combination into the search bar. It removes the guesswork in your content strategy by generating ideas of relevant topics based on other top-ranking sites based on your keyword.

Link research

Measuring backlinks, valuable pages, domains and anchor text can put your website ahead of your competitors’ SEO rankings. Moz shares a detailed link profile analysis that gives you insight into your website’s authority and rankings, and compares your link profile to your top four competitors.

Set goals and track and analyze your progress through Link Tracking Lists. You can “create multiple lists with target URLs for which you plan to build links to, then add link prospects and find out when and how they link to your target URLs.”

Customized Reports

Moz users can customize the frequency of delivered reports. They can add their own notes, observations, charts and graphs. Users can also choose from templates to save time on reporting. You can share items like competitive analysis reports and other compelling data with key stakeholders.

Moz Pro offers a variety of tools that can help you with targeting keywords, understanding your visitors and building custom reports. You can track rankings, crawl and audit sites and optimise pages to promote a higher SEO ranking. Developing an SEO strategy can be a huge undertaking, but Moz Pro can simplify the process.

Jessie Koerner is a Senior Account Executive at Mulberry Marketing Communications, an award-winning full-service B2B communications agency based in Chicago, London and Australia. She has a deep passion for media relations, strategic PR and marketing campaign planning and content creation.