A Cause Close to Mulberry Hearts

A cause very close to our hearts is the Lewis Moody Foundation – led by the former England rugby captain – which raises money for brain tumour research. Our founder Chris Klopper succumbed to this cruel illness and we have actively supported them by creating a new website, and with campaigns to raise funds. This commitment includes putting the agency’s expertise to good use in supporting the foundation’s successful global HeadSmart awareness challenge. Mulberry also support the Brain Tumour Charity with digital and campaign creation services and fundraising in all our offices in order to help them run research projects around the world.

A Team That’s Engaged In and Out of Work

So what can you expect from us? A Mulberry person has typically partnered clients on promoting a broad range of sustainable products and services. They have applied their PR and communications skills for the cause by creating fully integrated campaigns, whether one-off initiatives; or in multi-layered endeavours to realise new business models.

We will help establish this strategically, which often represents as much of a challenge within an organisation, as in getting customers or local communities onside. Aligning these is a process that Mulberry routinely welcomes and undertakes. Making a difference is what is important. This is reflected in our global perspective, right down to the small yet equally important expressions, such as the waste sorting collection bins in our offices – a benefit of one enduring client partnership.

Mulberry on a Mission

CSR is always a work in progress. Jumping on a bandwagon is not sustainable in itself. CSR has to be an expression of your company DNA. This gives it the credibility to retain impetus long-term, and for any hope of achieving palpable and measurable results. How to express or implement this is already in place with many of our clients, but others are at the start of their journey, or in a moment of recognition.

We find great satisfaction in creative campaigns that support this, in driving messaging that is people responsive, planet-enhancing, and future-facing for the benefit of life now and for subsequent generations. Action that helps the environment is just one aspect. However, this – like every other element involved – will only be sustainable if your staff, local populations, customers and consumers are equally engaged and educated by you to see the very real benefit.

Brands are uniquely positioned to do this as they have none of the partisanship of politics to get in the way and, if their products get people on board, CSR programs can be a powerful force. It is Mulberry’s privilege to be able to help advise, contribute and participate at all business levels – locally, nationally and globally – and in some meaningful measure, to help make this happen.