Meet the Mulberries: Ilaria Fini

meet the mulberries - Ilaria Fini

Meet Ilaria Fini: Account Manager

Our ‘People to People’ approach to B2B marketing is the foundation of our business. Our new series “Meet the Mulberries,” shines a light on the hardworking, creative and inspiring individuals who make up our global team. Originally from Italy, Ilaria Fini, Account Manager in our London office, details her love for social media, a famous literary wizard and an app that can enhance your productivity.

What attracted you to this industry?

I’ve always loved marketing communications and how you can tell stories in all kinds of ways. As a kid, I wanted to be a hairdresser or a tennis coach. From my teenage years on, I always knew my future job was going to be about communicating and using foreign languages, which I’ve always loved.

What is your favorite place to visit in London?

London parks are amazing. I just love going there for picnics or for a walk when I need time to relax and clear my mind. Long walks along the Thames or in parks is part of my weekend routine.

What are your top career highlights?

Since the very beginning, working with Ansell was all about finding ways to make the brand excel. Seeing how much the account has improved, especially on social media, and knowing I have contributed to that, is great.

 We also recently managed a social media campaign for Diversey APAC about re-opening and returning to normal after the pandemic. I had never worked this closely with the client’s APAC team. The results were amazing, and I also feel like I’ve established a great relationship with these new contacts.

What skill would you like to develop through MasterClass?

A cake design class has always been my dream, as I love baking and cooking. Learning a new language would also be cool.

What work programs and tools are must-haves?

I have always had a passion for social media, and social media channels are now part of my daily life more than ever before. Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are the phone apps I can’t live without, I always want to know what’s going on. Trello is also essential for keeping track of priorities.

What book, movie, show, podcast, etc. would you recommend and why?

I’m probably the biggest Harry Potter fan on the planet, so that’s definitely my number one recommendation. I also suggest Paranoia, a 2013 movie about corporate spies. It makes you think about what people are willing to do for money and personal success vs. things that really count in life.

Name your favorite place to travel to and where you are hoping to visit in the future.

The United States is my top choice. New York and Orlando were definitely my favorite trips. Going back to the U.S. is a must for me. I would also love to visit Japan.